How to avoid crowds in Angkor Park

Tourists’ style . . .

Angkor Wat charming temples fascinate over a million visitor every year bringing issues of overcrowding to numerous sites . The mysterious and tranquil atmosphere of these huge temple ruins is now often rather spoiled by bus-loads of your visitors and the chatter of tour guides .

A lot of new guides qualify each year but they have never got enough experience how to advise and take care of their clients very well and just take the visitors to the sites depending on same same itinerary that sets by a lot of companies "First you decide to go here , then there . . ." The result for many visitors feel so boring due to too many travellers and tour groups , rather than exploring 400 square kilometers of Angkor Archaeological Park .

Angkor Wat - when is the best time to explore ?

Based on our experiences for several years in Cambodia Tourism Business we understand the best times to see the popular sights . Sunrise at Angkor Wat Temple will be busy , but do you want to know the best time to explore the top level , or move around the main temple when the fewest people are there ? We can easily tell you the answers , and because you have your own Angkor & Asia Adventures tour guides , you have the flexibility to make a visit at the perfect time for you .

Our clients’ track . . .

Basically , the majority of visitors start their tour from 8 or at 9 :00 am . so A & A Adventures suggests you to leave your hotel by 7 or 7 :30 am after the breakfast at your hotel .

Angkor & Asia Adventures is committed to the individual ; to making you feel special . We seek out the special places separate from the crowds of people where you can rediscover the tranquility of the ancient temples . Angkor & Asia Adventures always sets a special schedule in opposite direction and timings to avoid from the crowds according to our experiences at each temples and places . . .

Angkor & Asia Adventures Sunset spots :

Pre Rup , Sra Srong , Phnom Krom or on Tonle Sap lake , however , in case you are interesting to explore sunset Phnom Bakheng , is available but it has many visitors in most evening .

Angkor & Asia Adventures sunrise sports :

Sra Srong , Phnom Bakheng in case you are interesting to visit sunrise at Angkor Wat , is available but there are many tourists .

Memorable Holiday Photographs ?

Bayon is a popular temple to explore , and is never deserted . How best to capture a photograph of those iconic towers , each with four faces of Jayavarman VII ? Our guides understand the very best positions and times for photography to ensure optimum light , with the temple at it's quietest .

Guides know the official routes - our research and training ensures that your guide will know the best places and conditions for photography - special spots that most people never see when they visit Angkor .

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