See Ancient Angkor and Tonle-Sap from the freedom of the sky...

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"In twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the things you did do..." Mark Twain




Red Route:


Roluos Group

Approx 15 minutes over Cambodian countryside and around The Roluos Group of Temples including the magnificent Bakong dating from the late 9th Century and the first significant Temple-Mountain pre-dating Angkor    Wat by at least two centuries.

Approx 30 minutes and ideal for seeing and enjoying the beauty of real Cambodia including a unique floating village on Tonle-Sap Lake together with the mountain temple of Phnom Krom before following the winding Siem Reap river back towards the town.
Blue Route:

Northern Tour
Approx 30 minutes taking in Angkor Wat, Srah Srang (The Kings Bathtub) and the beautiful Banteay Samrai, to name but a few before returning south over the rice paddies to airfield.
Green Route:

Temple Tour
A "must do" experience if you have come to Cambodia to see the temples and appreciate the magnificence of ancient Angkor. Approx 45 minutes enjoying breathtaking views that you will never forget.

See It All:



All of the above rolled into one and an unforgettable flying adventure taking in the temples, Tonle-Sap and the sheer natural beauty of rural Cambodfia. An hour of your life that you will treasure in your memory bank forever...


Mix & Match:


If you would like to mix or extend any of the above flights for example the Temples and Tonle-Sap or perhaps the stilted village's of Kampong Phluk or Kampong Khleang then please be our guest. The freedom of the sky is at your disposal...