Why angkor daily travel


The importance of human touch and customer's anticipation of quick response is thoroughly recognized by our management board therefore we have equipped the head office with modern communication system allowing us to answer your entire requires/questions within one or two days only. Additionally, Angkor Daily Travel  provides airport pick up/ transfer service, flight booking,  Hundreds of hotels and adventure , cycling tours as well as cultural tours in  Cambodia. With Ganesha Tours , you will get the great advantage of  time and cost saving since you can deal with  one local tour operator only to plan your vacation in various fascinating destinations.



The prepackaged holidays  are carefully designed  in satisfaction of individual  travellers , horney moon tour and big sized tourist groups. Also, we have specialized in customized holiday which can combine our tour modules in an endless variety. You can lengthen or shorten the trip itinerary and swap hotels and activities, to meet most needs. The expert staffs are however committed to all your enquiries and build your dream vacation.



Operated by the real people based in locality, most of our package holidays can give meaningful price savings to customers. The custom trips are typically 10-20% lower priced than the exact same trip found elsewhere, typically bringing you independently guided programs at a packaged group tour price. Moreover, we  provide group discount program to parties of six persons or more and affordable bonus to frequent customers.



The private policy of Ganesha Tours does not apply any objection against your negotiations. In any discussion, we always realize you are the best person who knows exactly your ideas and current situation, and your negotiations would help us to find the best solution. Moreover, the understanding and details in advance will make your holiday running smoothly.



The quality guarantee also means that we strive for fair pay for everyone involved in the implementation of your trips. Therefore we haven't ever been proud of being the cheapest offer in the market but we ensure the most effective rates to our clients. We inform you about news and updates, let you know about special promotions, advise on the quality of a particular product. Furthermore, your payment is conducted by professional teams and we always try  to give the best value for your travel cost, believing that you will be better off with a reliable service than with a cheap poor product.



The sustainable tourism and green travel are highly recommended in any trip run by Angkor daily Travel. We comply with international environmental conventions and abide by the laws, regulations and guidelines of the countries, cultures and natural areas we visit. The violation of ordinary life of the local community and destruction of the environment are discouraged or even forbidden therefore we reserve the right to terminate the contract with  any guest who does not follow the implemented rules.



We also aim to share our travel experience by providing many other tools, information, useful links, community and assistance to make your visit to our website as pleasant and trouble-free as possible. The information displayed in this web site  is coming from our own research,  clients' feedback, local tourism authority, local suppliers, ...